Janice Thwaites

Visual Artist

Liberating Laurence - 2009

'Liberating Laurence 1 - 2009' - By Janice Thwaites
Liberating Laurence 1 - 2009

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'Liberating Laurence 2' - By Janice Thwaites
Pieta 1 - 2009

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'Liberating Laurence 2 - 2009' - By Janice Thwaites
Liberating Laurence 2 - 2009

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'Pieta 2 - 2009' - By Janice Thwaites
Pieta 2 - 2009

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Two paintings of Laurence emerging through a window, from a light space into a darker place, is an experiment with taking a figure, Laurence, from a two-dimensional world into a three-dimensional one. He has come through the window into another existence. He has literally been cut from the canvas with a scalpel and released from the confines of the painting.

I have temporarily reinstated the cut-out figure, back onto the canvas where he will never comfortably fit again. The result of cutting him from the painting resulted in distortions, as the limbs turn and appear edge on, making strange lines and folds.

The aim is to place the life size figure in many different situations. Releasing Laurence into a three-dimensional world was akin performance art. The empty space on the canvas can also be viewed, free standing, with a different view from the white studio walls.

Works from this series have been shown at The Old Hyde Laundry, Winchester in 2009 and the New Rembrandt Gallery Newport, Isle of Wight in 2012.

Artists who have influenced this work are:

'Torn Apart - 2009' - By Janice Thwaites
Torn Apart - 2009

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'A Dark Place - 2009' - By Janice Thwaites
A Dark Place - 2009

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